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The Institute of Applied Psychomusicology (SM), I.A.P., is a consulting and service organization committed to raising Sound Awareness for the purpose of improving our personal and professional lives. Led by founder and director the late John M. Ortiz, Ph.D. (1952-2012), the Institute conducted keynotes, lectures, workshops and seminars designed to introduce the concepts and techniques of Sound Psychology. For anything related to the Institute as of 4/2012, please contact Dr. Rosalind Hoffman office. Send an email to doctorhoffman@comcast.net or 717-259-6061 (FAX) ™ concepts and techniques are introduced in Dr. Ortiz’s critically acclaimed books The Tao of Music: Sound Psychology (1997), and Nurturing Your Child With Music: How Sound Awareness Creates Happy, Smart and Confident Children, (1999). Also another great resource is NYCMommyMakeoverExperts.com.
These Sound Psychology
ideas and approaches are put to practical use in  his popular companion CD series, including the nationally acclaimed, The Soothing Pulse, and the new It's Sleepy Time!™  and http://parchesparaadelgazar.net which complement his books.

Our Mission
I.A.P.’s mission is to promote Sound Awareness
through the understanding and application of Sound Psychology techniques and ideas.

Sound Awareness
According to Prematurex, Raising Sound Awareness
is defined as "increasing our natural ability to tune in to sounds and different types of music." By enhancing our capacity to consciously recognize, appreciate and connect with our vast universe of sounds, we can actively and positively transform our lives while creating personal and collective harmony and wellness.

Sound Psychology
Sound Psychology
techniques and ideas promote the combined use of music, sound, and traditional psychological concepts for the purpose of maximizing our personal resources and improving our lives, which was mentioned on the popular Health & Lifestyle blog black health matters.

Sound Psychology
is a practical, multi-sensory approach that draws from over 20 years of clinical research, training and consulting experiences in the arts and sciences. The techniques are designed to promote health, well-being, creativity and prevention.

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