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The Soothing Pulse™
- By John M. Ortiz, Ph.D.

Retail Price: CDs are $17.50, (including shipping and handling)
Recording Time: 44 minutes

Publisher: The Institute of Applied Psychomusicology (SM)
Published in 1998

Multimodal Relaxation Designed for Busy:

Parents • Educators  Counselors  Therapists
Psychologists •  Administrators
Support Staff

                              Effective for:

Relaxation • Yoga • Massage • Tai-Chi • Quigong
Stress Reduction • Reducing Hyperactivity • Natural Sleep

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The Soothing Pulse, a companion to the popular book The Tao of Music: Sound Psychology, consists of a progressive relaxation exercise that combines various techniques such as drones (calming, ongoing sounds), a hemispheric synchronization pulse ("hemi-sync"), and a progressive relaxation script that escorts the listener into a deep relaxation or meditation while following a descending (around 80 to 54 beats per minute) tempo. The entrainment technique used in the CD was developed throughout years of research and experimentation that were part of  Dr. Ortiz’s graduate studies and, later, doctoral dissertation at Penn State University.

Based on the technique of Pulse Entrainment, The Soothing Pulse is designed to synchronize, and then gradually slow down our internal pulses and rhythms leading to a state of natural mind-body relaxation. The progressive relaxation sequence introduced in this quieting exercise accomplishes this by using a combination of Applied Psychomusicology techniques intended to help us achieve a state of deep, restful meditation. These include:

1- A continuous, pulsating beat designed to synchronize - or entrain - the left and right brain hemispheres.

2- Two interlacing drones. A bass drone (i.e., continuous, meditative sound) intended to ground us, and a light, melodic drone designed to quiet our thinking mind, helping to create a sense of peace and flow.

3- A rhythmic, guided entrainment script that escorts the listener through a progressively deepening state of relaxation. The tempo begins at an up beat, lively pace then gradually descends to a tranquil, soothing cadence.

4- A series of thought stopping, meditative affirmations that emphasize restful breathing, flowing, and letting go.

The Soothing Pulse was featured as a One Spirit (Book of the Month) Book Club’s “Top 10 Favorite Audio" selection throughout 1998 and into 1999.


“Making life changes requires sufficient energy, yet often much of our energy is tied up in stress. We may not even remember what being relaxed feels like. I use The Soothing Pulse by John Ortiz, Ph.D., in my workshops to allow participants to experience the pleasure of complete relaxation, I highly recommend it."
- Margaret Dubay Mikus, Ph.D., teacher, author of Shrink Wrapped and Heat Sealed: Writings to Nurture and Heal Body, Mind and Spirit and creator of Life Support™ greeting cards.

“This summer I purchased the CD (i.e., The Soothing Pulse), from you during your course at Mt. Ida. I’ve integrated the meditation into my daily life, 2 or 3 times a day. It has helped a tremendous degree in dealing with Lyme Disease and the ability to work with my mind and body in the healing process. I firmly believe that it has helped in lowering my blood pressure as well as boosting my immune system. My only regret was that I wasn’t able to take your course last summer, with the schedule of four other courses that I had to take."
- J.D., So. Orleans, MA

The Soothing Pulse is the most effective tool I have encountered to help alleviate the stressors brought about through modern, hectic lifestyles. Through a mixture of gentle sounds, rhythms, and his own, soothing voice, Dr. Ortiz has created a practical, preventive resource that each of us can use to help alleviate the pain and anxiety of daily life’s demands. In short, I wholeheartedly recommend this healing resource as an effective antidote to today’s stressful world. Be kind to yourself, sit back, and let the rhytmic waves of soothing sounds and healthful vibrations carry your tension away."
-Barbara Shirland, RN, Director of Clinical Operations, Hospice, Hawaii

“As a psychologist, I have found The Soothing Pulse tapes and CDs to be invaluable resources for clients presenting with issues ranging from stress and anxiety to chronic pain, insomnia and other conditions where the need for relaxation is imperative. Laced with a blend of understated, melodic undertones, the subtle pulses that accompany the soothing musical layers help to guide even the most apprehensive skeptics into a flowing, natural state of deep relaxation. Resistant clients and those who have struggled with other relaxation tapes or CDs consistently support this excellent resource’s effectiveness. I recommend it highly for both personal and professional use."
- Janet K. Kelly, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, Vice President for Clinical Services for Keystone Service Systems, Harrisburg, PA

“Dear Dr. Ortiz, I recently purchased your marvelous CD, The Soothing Pulse, from the One Spirit (Book of the Month Club) catalogue. Over the past few months I had tried various sleeping remedies including over the counter and prescribed medications, self-hypnosis and a number of ‘relaxation’ tapes and strategies. None of them worked. I need to share with you that thanks to your CD’s soothing, inspirational nature I am once again able to get a good night’s sleep, awakening rested and energized with a newfound sense of positivity and clarity. I do not know if it is your calm, reassuring voice, the music, or a combination of all the elements your CD brings together but, whatever it is, it works. Thank you!"
- Claire Rovner, South Burlington, Vermont

The Soothing Pulse is the most effective CD I have found to date. I use it everyday for relaxation during my lunch hour and it recharges me for the remainder of the day. It’s like a musical ginseng!"
- Carl Radulski, Accounts Executive, Chicago, Illinois

“Dear Dr. Ortiz, I just want to thank you for your CD, The Soothing Pulse. My husband and I originally purchased it as something to help us relax and unwind at the end of the day. We both drive a long way through heavy traffic and our nerves are usually shot by the time we get home. This CD is wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. Five minutes into it makes you feel like you are literally floating in a cloud."
- The Hellersteins, Philadelphia, PA.

“Listening to this CD (The Soothing Pulse) is like entering into a different dimension where there is only peace."
- Vicky Horst, Manhattan, N.Y.

“Dr. Ortiz, I want to let you know that your CD, The Soothing Pulse (which I purchased at one of your workshops in California), was enormously helpful in helping me to relax and focus during my preparation for childbirth. It helped to pace and relax my breathing and provided comfort and support throughout the entire childbirth experience. I recommend highly to mothers — and parents — everywhere!"
- Brenda Covington, Atlanta, GA.

The Soothing Pulse is a wonderful piece. I use it during childbirth class to help couples prepare for relaxation, thank you!"
- C.S. Carignan, Keene, NH.

“As a massage therapist with an extensive library of relaxation tapes and ‘New Age’ music I can honestly say that The Soothing Pulse CD by Doctor John Ortiz breaks new ground. It creates an ambience of total serenity, and generates a delightfully natural mind-body-spirit experience of transcendence. It has quickly become my clients' favorite, and most requested, musical background during our sessions."
- Jennifer Grant, CMT

“I have been teaching T'ai chi, Yoga and Qigong for over 15 years and have used literally hundreds of different relaxation and meditation CDs to accompany and maximize the benefits of these healing and energizing practices. The Soothing Pulse has quickly become one of my favorite three CDs of all time."
- Richard Daniels, Boulder, CO.

The Soothing Pulse is the perfect rejuvenation tool for a mid-day break.  Sometimes teachers need a nap-time too!"           
- Bonnie Darwin, Secondary School teacher

“Although I understand that the Soothing Pulse was designed for adults I want to let you know that I have been using it very effectively with my 6th graders as a "relax and recharge exercise.  Your musical voice is remarkably calming in itself!"            
- Cathy Daniels, Central District

“After a day of facing heavy traffic, mandatory meetings, and four hours of 'classroom battle' your Soothing Pulse is a welcome oasis. Thank you for this timely and delightful gift."
- Jamie Ronell, Middle School

“Your Soothing Pulse helps me to get centered in the morning, and become balanced after a full day’s work, talk about a wise investment! It’s like going on a personal 'cloud ride!'"    
- Dave Marks, Primary School educator, school counselor

“Dr. Ortiz, of all the relaxation techniques I have tried throughout my professional career, including biofeedback, meditation, and various audio tapes, your Soothing Pulse — which competently combines several relaxation methods — is, by far, the most effective."           
- Stan Fields, school psychologist

“Dr. Ortiz, I want to let you know that, your book is wonderful, your workshop is wonderful, and the Soothing Pulse exercise is the cherry on top! Amazing how 22 minutes with this CD can transform you into a new person!"
- Jack Loving, High School Principal

“I am a trainer specializing in Inclusive Schooling and want to share with you that your CD, The Soothing Pulse, is very effective with some autistic children. I do not know if it is the pulses, drones, or your voice that does the trick, but it just works!"
- Margaret Herr, Washington, D.C.

“I have been playing track two of your CD—the Soothing Pulse (the instrumental track)—as background for a relaxation technique I use in my culturally rich, inclusive classroom and the combination of sounds that you use are very appealing to a wide range of students (teachers here love it too). It is, by far, the most borrowed CD from my extensive collection!"
- Jane Seers, Special Education

“Your Soothing Pulse should be trademarked as "The Soothing Effect!" Thank you!"

Kim Levy, Educational Consultant, Boston, MA.

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